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Pax Victoria II is a Grand Strategy game that will be run at Kapcon 23, Wellington Anniversary Weekend 2014.
This game will be running in Round 2 on Saturday.
This one page flyer PaxVickyFlyer.pdf explains what a Grand Strategy game is, and what players can expect from Pax Victoria II.
Pre-registration is important, as teams will make choices about their nation's starting forces a week before the game starts.  You can register for Kapcon at

Draft Rules

The draft rules for Pax Victoria II are here: PaxVictoriaRules3Nov2013.pdf.  A GM playtest of these rules will take place in November, after which the rules will be updated.

There have been major changes from the first version of this game. We have tried to remove as much hex and counter counting as possible.

Draft Map

This map has had some changes from the old version:
  • beach hexes have been added as invasion points
  • the number of sea zones has been reduced
  • a few more rail links have been added
  • more cities have been added to Avonshire and Midland, to reflect the changes needed for dropping from a nine team game to a five team game.